We all benefit from the sacrifices made by the members of our armed services. It's time that these courageous men and women benefit too. 

I support instituting a new 21st century GI bill to grant education, housing and low interest rate loans for our veterans.

I support protecting undocumented veterans, their families and gold star families from deportation.

Currently 10% of our homeless population is made up by veterans. I support expanding housing programs, substance abuse and trauma treatment as well as jobs programs for veterans.

I support a pay increase for our soldiers.

We must ban private military contractors and hired guns from fighting our wars.

The use of depleted uranium in weapons is environmentally disastrous, it is a silent killer in communities across the globe and it has been linked to health problems in our service members. We must end the use of and exposure to depleted uranium now.

Sexual harassment and assault are serious issues within the ranks of the military. We must do everything to protect those that protect us. That's why I support fully investigating and prosecuting incidents of sexual assault and harassment within the military.

We must ensure that we are keeping our promises with those who put their lives on the line for us. That is why we must honor laws concerning deployments, time limits as well as time between deployments.

Kids in low income areas are manipulated by recruiters to serve in the armed services. While, we should thank them for serving their country, the military must stop specifically targeting vulnerable kids in low income areas for recruitment. 

It's time to support our troops and thank our veterans by supporting policies that directly improve their quality of life.