We are in a new era in terms of visibility and acceptance of sexual orientations and gender variance. Sadly, our LGBTQIA+ community is still a marginalized minority that is at a high risk for discrimination and hate crimes. 1 in 4 transgender people have reported being victims of bias driven assault. 18% of hate crimes are driven by a sexual orientation bias. 40% of our homeless youth are in the LGBTQIA+ community. These statistics are unacceptable. This is a serious modern civil rights issue that affects all of us regardless of your orientation or gender. I will stand up to protect and empower our LGBTQIA+ Community.

I support, passing a comprehensive non-discrimination bill on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and characteristics.

I support a nation wide ban of cruel and archaic conversion therapy.

The government has no place in telling someone that they can't use the bathroom that they feel most comfortable in. That's why I will propose a nation wide bathroom non-discrimination bill.

We must embrace the transgender people of our country and let them live the life they were meant to. We must end roadblocks for trans individuals to change gender markers on government ID's and provide gender affirming health care through a Medicare For All Single Payer health care system.

LGBTQIA+ youth face homelessness at an alarming rate. I will fight to provide housing, food and education for our LGBTQIA+ youth.

There are many countries in the world that continue to practice hateful and discriminatory policies regarding LGBTQIA+ members of their respective societies. I support ending military aid to any nation that practices discrimination and criminalization of LGBTQIA+ people. 

Our LGBTQIA+ community has given society so much. Yet, they continue to face lives of hardship due to our archaic and discriminatory laws. Let's work together to embrace and protect our LGBTQIA+ sisters and brothers.