Native Americans have been the victims of genocide, discrimination, hate crimes, forced assimilation and thievery. It's time for the U.S Government to adopt compassionate policies that protect the sovereignty and dignity of Native Americans.

Native Americans face many unfair barriers in voting. We must fight voter suppression in Native American communities. We must ensure that a polling location is located in every reservation, we must have a national ban on voter ID laws and we must break down language barriers by providing multi-lingual ballots and interpretation services.

Native American communities are often the most neglected communities in terms of government spending and programs. I support prioritizing Native American communities in infrastructure spending, educational funding, clean energy and jobs programs.

I support expanding public health clinics, mental health treatment facilities and general hospitals in Native American communities.

I support negotiating with Native American tribes on a tribe to tribe basis.

I support protecting all sacred sites and places of cultural significance.

I support amending the Major Crimes Act, in order to give full jurisdiction of criminal justice to Native American Tribes on their land.

It's time that the U.S government is in compliance with the U.N's "Declaration Of The Rights of Indigenous People."

Native Americans deserve a government that takes responsibility for past abuses and current inequities. I will fight to ensure that never again are the rights of Native Americans to be infringed upon by this government.