Our nation has faced a long history of people fighting to participate in voting, from the women's suffrage movement, to the fight against Jim Crow to modern times of fighting voter ID laws and ensuring that polling places are accessible to the poor, working class and disabled. Unfortunately, the fight for the integrity of democracy is never over. I will fight to ensure that every citizen can vote easily, conveniently and safely.

I support non-partisan, elected commissions to draw the boundaries of congressional districts to end Gerrymadnering.

I support an automatic voter registration for all citizens 18 years of age or older.

I support a new national and comprehensive Voting Rights Act and a federal ban on voter ID laws.

I support multi-lingual ballots and interpretation services to eliminate language barriers in voting.

I support moving election day to Saturday and declaring it a national holiday, to give working people more flexibility to make it out to the polls.

I will fight to remove ballot access barriers that keep third parties off the ballot.

I support guaranteeing voting rights to all citizens including incarcerated people and people who have been convicted of felonies.

We must end partisan oversight of elections by employing non-partisan election commissions.

Voting is a sacred right in the United States. Let's make sure everyone can participate.