Corporate crime and welfare burdens U.S taxpayers, consumers, workers, contributes to income inequality and an aggressive foreign policy. It's time that we reform this situation.

U.S. companies are currently holding a record 1.9 trillion dollars in offshore tax havens. I support closing offshore tax havens and using that tax revenue to help fund a student debt relief program.

During the Eisenhower administration, a great Republican, the top statutory corporate tax rate was at 52 percent. During this time period, U.S. G.D.P. grew at nearly 4 percent annually. In comparison, our top statutory corporate tax rate today is 35 percent with annual G.D.P. at around 1.8 percent annually.

I propose raising the corporate tax rate back to 52 percent.

I support increasing the funding of the Department Of Justice's Corporate Crime Division and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

We must aggressively investigate and prosecute all corporate crimes. 

We must ban all corporate criminals from receiving tax breaks and government contracts.

I support regulating and taxing Wall Street speculation and derivatives trading.

We must ban all Wall Street and corporate executives from serving in presidential cabinets, to limit conflicts of interest. We must also ban corporate executives to from being appointed to regulatory groups in the industries they are supposed to be imposing regulations on to help the American people rather than the multi-national corporations. 

I will fight to establish a congressional oversight commission on corporate power and influence, with no representative or senator taking any corporate money for their campaigns on said commission.

I support the rights of defrauded investors to be empowered within the civil justice system to hold corporations responsible and pay for damages that the defrauded investor may have suffered. 

Corporations are not people, we need to stop treating them better than we treat living breathing human beings.