The United States has a higher military budget than any other nation on the planet. We spend about as much as the next top seven nation's military budgets combined. We are not any safer, in fact since 2001 the U.S has been involved in military conflicts in seven different nations where terrorist organizations have become more radical and powerful since U.S interventions. Our military expenditures are taking money away from vital programs that are enjoyed by people in all other developed countries. Your hard earned money is being wasted everyday and given to a bloated and wasteful military budget.

The War on Terror has cost us nearly 5 trillion dollars and there is no end in sight. For the average American, 53 percent of their taxes go to military spending, this means that for every dollar you pay to the IRS 53 cents goes to the Pentagon. When politicians say there isn't enough money to provide programs that benefit the people, they are lying.

I support ending the War on Terror and significantly downsizing the Pentagon budget and using those funds for a college student debt relief program.

We have paid enough of our money to subsidize multi-national corporations and military contractors, it's time that your tax dollars work for you and work for your community.