The United States is the land of immigrants. Every non-indigenous American has a story of how their family came to America. I have my own, my great grandfather fled Ukraine due to religious persecution from the Anti-Semitic Cossacks. I have benefited greatly from that choice made by him and by a nation that welcomed him. Today, our xenophobic policies make people from all over the world feel unwelcome in the land of the free.  

I oppose the mass deportations and other overwhelmingly xenophobic policies of the current White House Administration. When in congress I will fight to halt deportations of non-violent, law abiding undocumented people.

I oppose the deportation of undocumented veterans as well as gold star families.

I support banning all private prisons and detention facilities. 

I support passing the DREAM act and creating a path to citizenship for people in our undocumented communities.

I support a humane foreign policy and support international human rights policies to help impoverished nations and curtail human rights crises all over the world.

The United States should lead the world as an example in humane and compassionate policies across the board.  

I support the establishment of a whistle blowers visa to protect the rights of undocumented workers who expose unsafe and unfair business practices. 

I support separating local law enforcement with immigration enforcement to minimize racial profiling and unethical police practices. 

I will fight for the constitutional "rights of the accused" for every person in U.S custody, including providing a lawyer when one can't afford paying for legal representation. 

I support ending family detention and ensure U.S compliance with the Flores Settlement Agreement mandating the release from detention of all undocumented children.

The United States must be a beacon of freedom and hope for the world. We must show the world our humanity and compassion by protecting our immigrants and letting them live with dignity.