I am a proud and self proclaimed feminist. Gender equality is something that I deeply believe in and will stand up for. We are in the 21st century, now is the time for policies that respect, protect and empower women. I support a women's right to make choices regarding her body and health care, I will fight for universal public child care, ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and expanding Social Security and WIC benefits

The only person that has a say in regards to what a woman can do with her body is herself. I am pro-choice, I support Roe V Wade, I support expanding planned parenthood and making contraception available to all women regardless of income through a single payer Medicare for All health care system.

Child care is out of reach for working mothers across our nation. That is why I support a publicly funded, high quality universal child care system available to all parents regardless of income. This program will be funded through spending cuts in the CIA, NSA, DEA and DHS.

The United States is among three nations on the planet that do not guarantee paid parental leave as a right. It’s time we change that. Many western nations are leading the way in providing paid parental leave. Denmark offers parental leave starting 4 weeks before a baby is due and offers 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 14 weeks of paid paternity leave. In Iceland new moms are guaranteed 3 months paid maternity leave, new dads are also given 3 months and an additional 3 months are given that parents can use how they deem appropriate. Parents in the United States deserve paid parental leave to care for and bond with their children. 

I propose a paid parental leave program in which each new parent will be guaranteed 3 months of paid time off at 80% of their income after having a child and an additional 90 days of paid parental leave for parents to use when they need it from when a child is 3 years old until they begin grade school.  

I support the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified in the U.S Constitution to legally guarantee equal protection under the law.

Elderly women are more likely than men to face the burdens of poverty. That is why I support expanding Social Security benefits of an extra $1,300 per year for those receiving less than $16,000 per year and increasing the cost of living adjustments to keep up with prescription drug and medical costs.

We must also expand the WIC program to help the nutrition of pregnant mothers and infants.

The 21st century is a new era, and I will fight to make sure that it is a time of prosperity, equality and opportunity for all women.