"The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it's animals are treated."- Mahatma Ghandi. One of the first ways I experienced political activism was by participating in the animal rights movement. The way in which we treat our animals is a good indicator of the level of compassion and decency we have as a society. Factory farms put animals in unspeakably horrible situations. We must reform how animals are treated in our society. 

As compassionate and empathetic people, it's important that we care for and address the suffering of all beings. That is why I am a life long advocate of animal rights, the better we treat our animals, the kinder and more compassionate we are as a society. 

It has been well documented for years that there is a strong correlation between violent behavior towards animals and violent behavior towards humans. Animal cruelty is a crime that is not recognized nearly as much as it should be. I support investigating and prosecuting all animal cruelty cases and requiring non-violence training and adaptive conflict resolution education to anyone convicted of a crime against an animal. 

Repeal ag-gag laws and inform consumers about how their food is made and the conditions in which the animals were treated.

Expand the Department Of Agriculture to help small, humane, sustainable and organic family farms.

Subsidize family farms and ban any company that uses inhumane factory farming techniques from receiving any tax breaks or subsidies. 

End animal testing for cosmetics and other unessential products.

Outlaw all forms of animal cruelty in food, sport, clothing and entertainment.

It's time to show our compassion and take the suffering of all beings seriously.