We are all consumers. In our current society that favors corporations over the lives of real people it's no surprise that our consumer protections are sorely lacking. We must fundamentally shift priorities in order to protect consumers from fraud and faulty and dangerous products and services. 

Consumer protections are a basic need in today's world. Every day, people are ripped off and sold dangerous and faulty products. We need more safeguards against fraud, dangerous products and services than ever before. 

I am a fierce advocate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and will fight to ensure that it is fully funded and operational.

We must update and expand safety standards for all automobiles, implementing high rollover and impact standards in SUVs, vans and light trucks. We must demand higher standards in braking systems especially for heavy trucks.

I support fully funding the Vehicle Safety Research Program within the Department of Transportation.

I support the establishment of an executive Food Health And Safety Office. With the power to recall unsafe foods. 

I oppose tort reform. Our civil justice system is designed as a way to hold corporations, insurance companies and other entities who commit fraud and sell dangerous products accountable. Our civil courts are a vital institution to protecting consumers and democracy itself. If you have been injured, ripped off and defrauded you deserve to seek justice and have your day in court. 

Every consumer deserves health, safety and the ability to participate in honest transactions. I will fight to protect consumers in every way that I can.