Climate change is the most serious issue facing all life on our planet. Climate change is a major factor contributing to political unrest, famine and natural disasters. This is a non-partisan issue. Democrats or republicans, it doesn't matter, we all breathe the air, drink the water and rely on the planet for basic survival. 

A major factor contributing to climate change is that major corporations such as fossil fuel, coal and animal agriculture companies have the money and lobbyists to influence politicians to ensure that minimal environmental regulations are in place. That is why campaign finance reform is a vital part in solving climate change. I support a Constitutional convention to add a 28th amendment to the U.S Constitution, ending corporate personhood and making campaigns publicly funded and transparent. 

I support diverting funds going to fossil fuel and coal subsidies and invest that money into the new renewable, green energy market. I support subsidizing small, independent family farms and farms practicing sustainable, organic agriculture. 

I support a ban on fracking.

I oppose off shore drilling and the construction of pipelines in vulnerable environments, near Native American land and anywhere that a pipeline could contaminate drinking water.

Divest in coal companies and invest in coal communities. In communities all over the country coal has been a proud working class tradition. In many of these places coal mining jobs are the only decent jobs one can get. We need to divest in big coal companies that contribute to climate change and invest in the communities that are desperate for work, education and modern infrastructure. Rather than people relying on dangerous and unhealthy mining jobs, let's stimulate these communities with programs to help them build a modern clean infrastructure and become the hot beds of exciting new innovations in green energy.

The Teapot Dome Scandal was one of the most blatant acts of corruption in U.S history. Today, private corporations lobby politicians to take and loot public lands with nary a sign of outrage. These practices must be banned across the board and federal lands must be protected from corporate development. Public lands belong to all of us, not a handful of billionaires and corporations. 

We need to invest in clean, green and renewable energy with the goal of having a country that runs entirely on new green energy sources by 2030. Until then, we must incrementally improve automobile fuel efficiency to 50 miles per gallon by 2023. 

The situation is dire, we must fight climate change boldly and immediately. Join me, and together we can pass down a clean, safe and stable planet to future generations.