In 2008, the US taxpayers paid hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out Wall-Street. Now is the time to bail out our students. The average college student enters the workforce with $28,000 in debt. College graduates used to be a vital demographic for key US industries such as housing and automobiles. With the burdens of student debt not only does our economy stagnate but we are leaving behind an economic system where parents are leaving their children with less opportunity and a lower standard of living than they enjoy

I am proposing a federal student debt relief program to bail out our students, that will be paid for through pentagon spending cuts. This will bring them back into the market place and free them to save money and improve their lives. We've spent close to $5 trillion on the War on Terror. We must cut down wasteful defense spending, end The War on Terror and use those funds to invest in our future and give graduates economic mobility.

In today’s job market a college degree is as valuable as a high school diploma was 20 years ago. That is why the future of education in our society requires a public, tuition free college and trade school system, that will be paid for through a Wall-Street speculation tax.

The cost of education has put an entire generation in debt. The U.S has thrived when young people have had financial security and mobility. It is within our power to ensure that every American has the chance to pursue higher education and make their dreams a reality.