The disastrous Citizen’s United decision made our bad campaign finance system much worse. Our campaign finance system not only normalizes, but in fact it incentivizes corruption. When corporations spend on campaigns they are buying favors and influence that our whole country ends up paying for. Wall-Street alone spent over $2 billion on elections during the 2016 cycle. We are no longer a nation by the people, of the people and for the people, rather we are a nation by the corporation, of the billionaire and for the donor.Through sensible campaign finance reform, we can restore power to working class and poor people, and have a government that works for everyone rather than a government that works only for corporations and the top 1%. 

To reform our broken campaign finance system, I will propose adding a 28th amendment to the U.S constitution making campaigns publicly financed and transparent. 

I will also denounce any corporate money for my campaign. We have gone far too long allowing the most powerful entities to decide our elections. Now is the time for the most powerful ideas to determine our destiny