Farmers are some of the hardest working people in America. We all owe them our gratitude for working every day to provide us with healthy and natural foods. An average farm in the U.S provides food for 168 people per year. The average household spends about 10% of it’s income on food per year. It is vital for our health, our economy and our environment that we take steps towards an agricultural system that empowers family farms and communities.

Today, American farmers and farming towns are being driven out of business by major corporations that exploit their workers, are cruel to animals and contribute exponentially to climate change. I support Agricultural Reform, to empower small independent farms and support the revolution in sustainable, organic farming. 

I support expanding the services of the Department Of Agriculture (USDA) to small farming communities and independent family farms in order to keep them thriving and competing in today's competitive markets.

I support banning executives and corporate leaders from the Department of Agriculture to ensure that the USDA is an advocate of small independent family farms as well as sustainable organic agriculture. 

I support subsidizing and providing tax incentives to small independent farms that practice humane treatment of animals and fair business practices. I also support a ban of all subsidies and tax breaks for corporations who practice cruel factory farming techniques and exploit workers. 

I support national right to fix and repair laws, to help the independence of small farmers and consumers. 

I support investments in clean and renewable energy to make our farming communities more self sufficient, cost efficient and to decrease the impact of climate change. 

I support fair trade. Rather than buying produce and other goods from countries with poor environmental and worker's rights records, I support reforming trade policies to protect our own farmers and agricultural industry. We must also ensure that our trade agreements allow for farmers to export their products internationally and are compensated fairly.

I support ending ag-gag laws in order to protect animal rights and promote consumer information and protection. 

I support cracking down on corporations in violation of anti-trust laws in the agricultural industry. It's time that we expand the market and reinvigorate our family farms and farming communities rather than continuing to allow giant corporations to mass produce farming goods, while exploiting workers and destroying the environment. 

I support investing in national farmer's markets in communities that would benefit from them to empower local commerce and family farming. 

I support reforming aquaculture to ensure the protection of consumers and the environment.

I support banning the use of unnatural hormones in livestock. 

Together we can empower local family farmers, protect consumers and stand for environmental justice through positive and sensible agricultural reform.