According to the World Health Organization, The United States spends the most GDP on health care of any nation in the world yet ranks 37th out of 191 nations in terms of performance. This is inhumane and unacceptable. Health care costs are often out of reach, even for those with insurance. A Kaiser Health study found that 20% of people under 65 with insurance reported having troubles with paying their medical bills. 53% of uninsured people had said the same thing.  The insurance and pharmaceutical lobby has had their time to make the rules. Now is the time for consumers,

I support expanding and reforming Medicare to make it available to everyone and eliminate co-pays, drug costs and other out of pocket expenditures.

To fund this, I am proposing a national decriminalization of cannabis, with a 5% tax on all of its sales, and a 2.2% premium payroll tax and a 6.2% employer payroll tax.  Under this plan the average household will spend $540 per year on health care. Currently, the average family spends $8,724 per year on insurance alone. We will also close estate tax loop holes with the revenue put directly into health care.

Now is the time that the United States will develop a health care system with positive outcomes that are available to all people.